Adventures in Centerpointe Land!

Center Pointe Community Churchs' Adventures in Centerpointe Land! in house marketing project was a blast to work on. Telling the stories of Israeli heroes from the Old Testament during a week long summer event for kids, I had many directions to choose from. Finally deciding on a fairy tale theme that included custom photography, web page, a kenetic style intro video, and power point slides, this project broadened my creativeness into areas I had little experience in.

center pointe community church lexington south carolina adventures in centerpointe land vbs project
Center Pointe Community Church Adventure in Center Pointe land vacation bible school project
adventures in centerpointe land flash based video
worship sermon slide

The Video

This was my first attempt at synching an audio file with a flash animation. I brainstormed the script one evening, taking the stories and breaking them into four sections to keep the video short. The animation pieces were produced in Illustrator then individually imported into flash and tweening to fit within the areas of audio.

adventures in centerpointe land flash movie

the video


A short script provided the proper timing to keep the video from being too long.

Voice over

My friend Rob Barge did a wonderful job of reading my script and providing the audio.


Created in Illustrator and compiled in flash, tweening to fit the audio.

Final product

The video was shown weekly to entice parents to sign their children up for the week long event, and added to the webpage for Center Pointe Community Church.

Click here to see the completed video for Adventures in Centerpointe Land!

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